A Luxury Stroller for $399? You Heard Right!

sola denim front

Do you want a full sized luxury stroller without the full sized luxury price tag and the heavy weight that comes along with that?  Introducing the Sola stroller, from Mamas and Papas.  Mamas and Papas is a popular European brand that has recently started being sold in the US.  Generally a picky lot when it […]

Britax to Release it’s First Side by Side in Early June


For the first time every, Britax will be releasing a side by side double stroller.  Britax plans for the stroller to be a continuation of it’s relatively new ‘B’ series which now includes the B-Nimble umbrella stroller, B-Agile lightweight stroller, B-Ready full size stroller, and the B-Safe infant car seat.  The stroller will be a […]

Don’t Get ‘Smart’ With This


Everyone loves routine and fulfilled expectations.  But sometimes surprises can be fun and bring spark to life.  Enter Phil and Ted’s Smart stroller.  Phil and Ted’s destroyed routine and expectations and created something completely different from their other strollers.  Since 1994 Phil and Ted’s has owned the market of second seat tandem strollers that have […]

Graco Shocks the Market With New Kind of Stroller


Just when you thought that, for better or worse, Graco couldn’t possibly produce anything to fill an empty space in the flooded baby market, they’ve done it.  And ladies and gentlemen, the joke is on us.  Graco has always been the base for the big box market, shelling out millions of baby products that do the […]

Psyched For Cybex

What you see is not always what you get.  And when it comes to the Cybex Callisto that’s meant in the most complimentary way.  If not for the absolutely lovely colors you might just pass by without a second glance, which would be a shame considering this stroller is smoother than a Rob Thomas number.  […]

Why Mutsy Deserves More Props ‘this Side of the Pond


A solid family needs a solid stroller.  Mutsy gives you that and more in one sleek little package.  Their full size stroller, the 4 Rider, weighs just 23 pounds and is only 18″ across the frame.  This little guy looks as cute as the VW bug but drives like an F-250.  And that pretty much […]

How the City Mini became like your Vegetables


“Honey eat your vegetables, it’s good for you!”  The classic chant of desperation from parents over the last couple hundred years still continues even though the battle gets harder with each slick new candy being introduced to the market on a daily basis.  But children turn into adults and then begin to realize that not […]

Ladies and Gentlemen….The Clek FOONF!


After months of waiting, the first ever convertible car seat from Clek FOONF has finally shown it’s face.  Clek has always been ahead of the pack but they do things at their own leisurely pace, which makes me feel better about their quality control considering how much effort and time must go into producing one […]

The Second Seat Secret


Everybody always wants to know what is the best stroller I can buy?  To that I say, the perfect stroller is different for every family.  Today I’m going to help you figure out the differences between the most popular Second Seaters; strollers which can be used as a single or a double. Up first is […]

Up and Coming Zigo brand debuts their LEADER


The all new Zigo brand is creating a storm in a competitive baby market that has become a revolving door of sorts for recycled child products and ideas.  Unlike many manufacturers in the baby industry today who simply look at existing concepts and improve upon them, Zigo has taken a leap in creating a completely […]

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