How the City Mini became like your Vegetables

“Honey eat your vegetables, it’s good for you!”  The classic chant of desperation from parents over the last couple hundred years still continues even though the battle gets harder with each slick new candy being introduced to the market on a daily basis.  But children turn into adults and then begin to realize that not only are veggies healthy, but they taste great too!   So goes the tale of the City Mini.  Expectant parents come into the store and claim “anything but the City Mini!  It’s boring and everyone has it!”

They run out (or should I say walk really slowly) with the latest, most modern, and of course bulky stroller and can’t wait to start using it.  Then they actually have a child.  The luxury of being a child is offically over– congratulations.  Welcometo the real world of cuteness, cuddliness, and absolute craziness.  They now realize that no, they don’t have five minutes to start folding their stroller every time they want to run out to Target.  And funny enough, Mom doesn’t become stronger after birth, she gets weaker and there’s no way she’s happy about lifting a 42 lb. stroller in and out of the car.  More and more of today’s parents are going into parenthood thinking that the baby will adapt to their existing lives, well fortunately, Mother Nature is quite good at teaching the ropes right from the start.  At Babies 1st we’ve developed a habit of betting on how soon the newbies are going to succumb to “Mini Maddness”- hopefully before they actually start going mad.

So what exactly is all the maddness behind City Mini?  For starters, it has the easiest and fastest fold in the market, it’s narrow, and it pushes terrifically over grass, pebbles, and uneven sidewalks.  And all this in a lightweight size of just 16 pounds!  The stroller has a huge canopy, a round handlbar, a good sized double front wheel, and an easy pulley recline.  City Mini also has an optional bassinet, universal car seat adaptibility, a snack tray, and a ball bar.  Are there ever complaints about Mini?  Honestly yes, but they are negligible when compared to the raving reviews and even customers who have complaints insist the positives outweigh the few changes they would make.  Number one is that the basket is difficult to access since there is a bar crossing across the back of it.  Two is that the handlebar is not adjustable, and three is that the footrest does not adjust as well.  The 2012 version will have a basket that’s easier to access and a newer version called the City Mini GT with an adjustable handle and slightly larger wheels.  Yes it doesn’t feel great to get what “everyone else” has, but as I like to tell my customers, there’s a reason everyone gets it!

     So in conclusion, you can eat your candy now but don’t come crying to Mommy later that your tummy hurts.  Do yourself a favor, buy the City Mini first- it does a body good.

–Sarah Thav

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