How Parents of a Newborn can Still get some Sleep!

You just brought your brand new child home and if you’re like most parents, you feel joyful, excited, nervous….and tired.  Yes, new parents will learn fast that sleep is only “in their dreams.” However, there are some tips to help with those first few months.

Firstly, taking your baby outside for walks when it is light outside will help train his brain that day time is awake time.   It also helps to get your baby on a set schedule so that their bodies begin to prepare for sleep and start getting tired.  In the nursery, have a repetitive sound machine, like the Sleep Sheep, which calms your baby and creates a more womb-like environment. Remember that as fragile as your child may seem, they are like adults in many ways and prefer the same comfortable temperature that you would.  People will experience deeper sleep if he or she is warm but it is healthier to sleep in temperatures of 65-72 degrees.  A cooler temperature will help your baby sleep longer and more comfortably.  WebMD advises: “thinking of a bedroom as a cave: It should cool, quiet, and dark. (Bats follow this logic and are champion sleepers, getting in 16 hours a day.)”

Most importantly to starting off on the path of a normal sleep routine is learning how to put your baby down!  Although it may be instinctual, especially at first, to hold your baby constantly and even have your newborn co sleep, this will make it harder for your baby to learn how to self soothe and be able to fall asleep faster.  Instead, try to start them off in their own crib/bassinet as early as possible or think about getting a triwalled crib that attaches to your bed and lets you get more rest since you can have baby right next to your bed and don’t need to get up to feed him/her.

Always remember that however exhausted and stressful you are, the the sleepless nights should, and can, be over  within 4-6 months.  Then it will be time for more exciting stages, coming up….all the things you need to baby proof your home.  (Houdini has nothing on your genius toddler!)

(-Sora Thav)

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