Babies Gender in a Few Weeks

Most first time parents and excited parents do not want to wait long to find out the gender of their babies. There are plenty of parents who feel this way because they can have a certain gender preference for the baby that they want. Some want male, some want female but even if they do find out ahead of time, it will not change the result. Numerous ways have been made for excited parents to find out the gender of their kids ahead of time. Some are reliable and some do not work.

The safest way that people had to find out if their baby is a boy or a girl was by doing ultrasound. Usually, it takes a few months for them to find out because they have to wait for the baby’s reproductive organ to form to find out if it is a boy or a girl. Aside from the scientific method, there are also a lot of speculations that are involved. Most people say that if the mother is pregnant with a boy, the mother will look uglier because of the testosterone from the baby. And if the baby is a girl, the mother will look prettier because of the increased amounts of estrogen in her body. But these are just wild guesses and observations.

A sure fire way for parents to find out their kids gender in just as short as seven weeks involves the blood. The mother’s blood is tested to find out if there is a Y chromosome to determine if the baby is a boy. If none is found then it will surely be a girl. This test can not only benefit the excited parents but also the kids because parents can prepare for gender-linked diseases that their genes might cause.

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