Quick Tips to Combat Childhood Obesity

It seems that every time you turn on a news channel, a crisis of some kind is happening. From toy recalls to hunger caused by an increasingly difficult economy, it can be a difficult world to raise a family in. Childhood obesity is becoming increasingly more common in America, with statistics showing that 17% of children are obese in America. This causes health problems down the road for your child, including higher risk of diabetes and a higher likelihood that your child will be obese into adulthood.

One of the best ways to combat this problem in your family, is to start with yourself. It is difficult for children, especially those that are young, to understand why it is okay for a parent to sit down and watch six hours of television per day when you are telling them to exercise and play outside.

Doing family activities together is a great option for older children. If you only have one child that is having a problem with their weight, they often can feel singled out which can cause psychological problems, that then leads to stress eating. This is the exact opposite of what you were trying to do to help your child. A better way to handle it is bringing the entire family out to do activities, like walking the dog, tennis or just playing catch in the front yard.

Starting early on this issue can also combat your child’s chances of being obese. As a parent, if you start early in life feeding your child healthy food and teaching them the importance of doing so, your child will have a foundation of healthy habits to help them stay away from this potentially dangerous and spreading epidemic among American children.

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