Things to Consider When Choosing a Babysitter

One of the most daunting and frightening tasks that new parents will have to face is choosing a safe and reliable babysitter. It doesn’t need to be complicated, however, as there are a number of simple guidelines that you can follow to help ensure that you’ve not only found a great sitter, but have prepared them to work well with you and your family in caring for your child.

An experienced babysitter should be able to give you a short list of references, who you can contact about past experiences with your potential sitter and whether or not they had any problems with her. If the sitter you’re checking has good references then an interview can give you a good idea of how well she would mesh with your family and schedule. Different sitters have different preferred methods and styles of work so ask about sleep schedules, nap times, snacks, and all the other details that make up your day with your baby. Safety and discipline (if your child is old enough) are among the two most important things to discuss with the sitter in an interview, to make sure that your child is safe and treated well.

When you hire a babysitter there’s also the consideration of whether your child will be watched in his own home, or at the babysitter’s. If you hire a smoker you should make sure that she won’t be smoking inside when she is watching your child. Pets can also be a safety concern to discuss as a baby or toddler should never be left alone with an animal. General house rules should also be briefly discussed to make sure that nobody accidentally steps on anybody else’s toes.


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