“How I prepared my oldest children for a new sibling”

Becoming a parent changes everything. No longer can you have the option of doing what you want, when you want to do it. You are tied down by napping schedules, eating schedules, play dates and more. There is no more just you; oh but it is so well worth it. Having kids has been by far, the best accomplishment of my life; my four beautiful children reflect how I have raised them, they are strong, confident members of society; ok, maybe they will be that in the future, right now, they are young, fun and always have me running.

When I first told my daughter that she was going to be a big sister, she was ecstatic. Until he was born, once she realized that the newest addition was not a cute, sweet, pink wearing, hair doing girl, she completely lost it. She would not have anything to do with him. So when the next one was on his way, we were much more prepared on how to handle things if this too was going to be another boy. So we let her come into the ultrasound, where she was able to see her baby brother for the first time (She still cried because she desperately wanted a sister) then we enrolled both of the kids into a class through our local hospital which is designed to help them learn to welcome a new baby, and finally, we let both of the kids decorate the baby’s room. There really wasn’t anything throughout my pregnancy that they did not have a say in, although they both had to wait outside the delivery room because I felt they were not ready to see that quite yet, or at all for that matter. They have both cherished their youngest brother, and I do believe that this has a lot to do with how much they participated throughout the pregnancy.

Beth G.

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