Baby Sleep Tips In The Summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and have fun in the sun. With all of the fun and freedom that summer brings, there is also a downfall if a sleep schedule is not maintained. Many children can be cranky and unmanageable if there is a break in routine or lack of routine. Here are some tips on creating a fun and healthy environment for babies during the summer time months.

Move bedtime to a later hour: With the days lasting longer and the sun shining later, a child’s body adjusts to the environmental factors including not getting tired until later in the day. A good way to prevent a baby not being tired at bedtime is to set the time to a later time such as a half hour or hour. This will also provide a darker environment helping the child get to sleep easier.

Keep the Bedtime Routine the Same: Many parents ease up on the routine during the summer, but the bedtime routine helps children to expect what comes next. The transition of long days in the summer will undoubtedly stir up routines so sticking to the consistency of the same bedtime routine will help transition the baby into the summer changes.

Increase Activities: Be sure to stimulate babies during this season of change. This will help promote sleepiness when the appropriate bedtime is established. Babies can be stimulated by fun activities, but also be sure not to overstimulate because this can have the reverse affect. Timing the activity so to allow a calm transition into bedtime.

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