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ConsumerInfoReport.com is owned and operated by babies1st.com.  This news blog was created in response to many of our retail customers requesting that we share insider juvenile industry news as it happens.




Editors and Writers

Sora Thav is a veteran of the baby industry and has an ever growing passion for anything and everything baby related.  In addition to being the Senior Editor for ‘Consumer Info’, Sora is also a custumer relations manager at Babies1st, Columbia Maryland’s largest baby store.  Sora is known for her uncanny ability to answer even the most obscure baby product questions and would love to field any comments or questions from our readers.

Estee Siegel is a devoted mother with eight children. She has logged many hours in field with a variety of “baby merch” and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table.  As a Mom of a large family for over 15 years, Estee has developed a sharp and discerning eye for the products that make our lives easier and those that….don’t.  Certain knowledge can only come from ‘having been there and done that”. That being said it is always insightfull to hear advise that comes from years of trial and error.  As we like to say at Consumer Info “let us make the mistakes, then we’ll teach you what not to do!”

Jessica Shifrin is an aunt ‘par excellence’, of 32 healthy children, Jessica has a special place in her heart for child safety and child safety awareness.  Jessica is our in house style expert and can always sense what will become cutting edge on the baby design industry; however she also knows the difference between looks and substance and what will actually become a parent favorite. She is also currently in a Master’s program for Communications.

Libby Lazewnik has been a Mom, and lovin’ it, for over 30 years.  An accomplished author and editor of children’s books, Libby specializes in short, exciting stories and loves to show children that reading is both educational and fun.  Libby graciously visits with local schools to give writing seminars and reading instruction.  As a proud grandmother Libby has seen it all and we are honored to have her on board for both her warm advice and writing expertise.

Contact Information

For product or juvenile related questions,  email info@babies1st.com or call 443-539-1430.

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9525 Berger Road
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